Fabletics is What Investors Want to Put Their Money Into For Athletic Clothing

One big change that Kate Hudson is bringing into the Fabletics arena is new stores. She wanted customers to have the ability to get the full Fabletics experience by going into stores and actually talking with sales consultants. She wanted to give sales consultants a chance to promote the VIP membership, and she wanted customers to have the ability to try these clothes. She also realizes that opening more brick and mortar stores will give her a greater amount of visibility.


In her interview with CNBC Kate Hudson has revealed that she has plans for Fabletics to go public as a company. She is working on building an IPO that will attract more investors to invest in her brand. The tricky thing about this is that the company has to show potential for future growth. Right now Kate Hudson is well aware that she has saturated her fan base on the Fabletics website. She realizes that in order to move beyond the $250 million annual revenue that Fabletics generates is a very challenging thing to do.


She knows that in order to successfully accomplish something of this magnitude that she will have to think outside the box and take Fabletics into places that it has never been before. This is going to be the thing that gets her to a better place for competing with Amazon. This is going to be the thing that grabs the attention of shoppers that do not spend a lot of time shopping online. The increase in physical stores will make Fabletics a company to be recognized worldwide. This is what Kate Hudson is trying to do as she prepares to take this company public in the next several years.


The investors that have seen Kate working are impressed with the diligence that she has put forth to build this company up. All of the other things that she does in entertainment are secondary to the focus that she has on Fabletics. That is what is going to take in order for this company to thrive as an independent company that stands out from all the other companies that are under the umbrella of JustFab and other companies created by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Kate realizes that she has the potential to actually grow this as an independent company down the line, and she is doing everything she can to make this a reality.