Good News for California Residents As Goettl Expands Its Horizons

Everyone wants to keep cool during summer and warm during winter. The best way to have the best of both worlds is by having a well-functioning air conditioning system. For those who perfect air condition is a priority for them, they will be glad to hear this news.

GlassDoor announced the acquisition of Walton Heating and Air, a family company, by Goettl Air Conditioning. Although the details of the financial deal were not disclosed, things are looking up for the two companies. The deal gives leeway for Goettl, which already has branches in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix, to venture into California. As for Walton, it can now grow past what the owner, Todd Longbrake, ever imagined.

Longbrake admits that they had done all they could to take Walton family company where they could, to a point where it stagnated and did not progress further. When Goettl first gave them their proposal, Todd was reluctant to take it. However, he quickly jumped aboard when he heard of the praises bestowed upon Ken Goodrich, Goettl’s owner.

The last details of the acquisition were completed in mid-2015. The process started in early 2015. However, they released the news two years later, stating that they first wanted to ensure that everything was running smoothly before they made the announcement. Longbrake is working at Goettl as the field supervisor and sales manager. Goodrich appreciates how quickly Longbrake was assimilated into the company. With such sentiments, there is hope for better air conditioning services all over the areas that the companies are serving.

About Goettl air conditioning company

As a leading HVAC company, Goettl has made homes comfortable for many people over the years. They are dedicated to offering their clients top notch companies in all the areas they serve. The company was founded by the Goettl brothers in 1926 in Ohio. Later, the three Bill, John, and Adam moved to Arizona to look for better opportunities during the great depression. Thus, the company grew to be an international and well renowned HVAC provider.

Goettl owner, Ken Goodrich, is passionate about what he does. From a tender age, he watched his father manage the family’s air conditioning company. When his father passed on, he was left in charge of the business. Over the years, he has managed to fix not only his father’s company but also 16 others. He has mastered the art of purchasing broke businesses and making them successful.

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