Bruce Levinson Pushes an Insurance Bad Faith Claim Against AIG

The former Atlanta Hawks ownership filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company, which is also known as AIG. The lawsuit is a civil action citing a breach of contract as well as insurance bad faith. Even though the lawsuit doesn’t involve the current Hawk Ownership, it does involve the firm’s controlling partner, Bruce Levenson. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, claimed that it had an insurance policy that covered acts of “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination”. Going by court documents, the Atlanta Hawks served AIG a notice on the 2nd of April 2015 on the already asserted claims that it believed were covered. According to ESPN’s report, there was a breach of contract for failure to pay covered losses that were in the settlement.

Bruce Levenson was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was once Atlanta Spirit LLC. Atlanta Hawks LLC owns and manages the basketball team (Atlanta Hawks) as well as the Phillips Arena. He served as the team’s Governor on the NBA Board of Governors ever since 2004. He is also a businessman and a philanthropist,

Atlanta Hawks LLC was originally created with the intent of buying the Atlanta Hawks team from Turner Broadcasting. The company was formed by a group of businessmen who co-own the team and the Phillips Arena. The majority partners were Levenson and Ed Peskowitz. Levenson is a member of the NBA Board of Governors and also the Atlanta Hawks’ managing partner.

Bruce Levenson hired Danny Ferry in 2012 to become the Hawks GM and the president of basketball operation. Before that position, Ferry was general manager for the Cavaliers then VP of operations for San Antonio Spurs. Bruce Levenson announced that he had plans to sell his share of the ownership group in March 2014. He used the investment banking firm to coordinate the sale. Check out Bruce Levenson‘s website:

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