WEN By Chaz: Botanical Hair Magic Instead Of Nasty Sulfates

Consider ginger and lotus flower or grapeseed oil and cucumber fruit extract. Natural ingredients like these nourishing examples are present throughout every product from the WEN By Chaz hair care line.

Maybe you already know about Chaz Dean’s amazing cleansing conditioners that leave out the damaging chemicals found in other brands. According to crunchbase.com, his revolutionary system does not use lather shampoo but instead relies on the science of nature and how hair follicles respond.

Sulfates and other chemicals are often responsible for the big lathers found in many hair care labels. Too bad these sudsy foams are just that, along with hidden chemicals that strip your hair strands from root to end.

The iconic celebrity stylist found another way to cleanse and condition the hair without a shampoo lather. His carefully prepared formulas bathe the tresses in hydrating and strength-building, rich treatments. Your locks will transform after just one wash.

The WEN By Chaz line also includes incredible hair products like the popular styling line. These fragrant treatments feature heat protectant styling cremes, texture balm for that sexy, disheveled hair look, plant-based mousses that unleash big, voluminous locks and finishing treatment creme that seals your style with a fine matte look.

The WEN hair brand also offers luxurious hydrating hair masks that breathe life into limp, dull locks. In addition, WEN By Chaz treatment oils also replenish moisture and can be applied between WEN cleansings. The products can be found on high end stores which includes Sephora.

Every product from WEN By Chaz represents natural, clean hair care treatments and formulas. Each one smells heavenly and combines the most effective natural ingredients that add elasticity and shine to one’s crowning glory. The products have been designed for the most sensitive scalps and feature gluten-free blends. No matter what type of hair texture you have or condition your locks are presently in, your tresses will benefit.

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Changing the Entertainment World- Norman Pattiz

The Chairman, Founder, and the Executive Director of Podcastone Norman Pattiz, recently announced their new project Beyond the Darkness. Podcastone is among the leading and one of the largest advertising companies in the United States of America that are fully supported by the Podcast networks. Chris Jericho has a Podcast Network, and Beyond the Darkness is his new show ion the Network which is under Podcastone project. The show will feature entertainment conversations with prominent world researchers, and experimenters as they teach the world on monster, aliens, demons, mysteries, angles, as well as miracles.

The famous show will be hosted by two famous media personalities who are Dave Schrader who is an author, and a radio presenter, and Tim Denis who is a radio producer and radio host. The new show which will be released every Monday can be viewed on Podcast.com. Itunes, and Podcast app. According to the statement said by the founder of Podcast Networks Norman Pattiz, the advertisement com[nay choose Chris for his great character which has distinguished himself as a Podcast attraction. Norman also mentioned that when Chris Jericho created his Jericho Network Collection, it was sure that the project will go beyond wrestling. Mr. Pattiz is confident and trust that Chris Jericho will take Podcast to a higher level with Beyond the Darkness.

Chris Jericho was very pleased and mentioned that he was humbled to take Beyond the Darkness and it into his Network. Chris did not forget to express his joy of working with the two presenters who he trusts will bring with them a significant fan base, who believe them and also will trust the subject of their discussion in the show.

Norman Pattiz is the founder and the Executive Chairman of Podcastone. Mr. Norman became the Executive Chairman of the organization on June 23rd, 2016. Before becoming the Executive Chairman of the Firm, Pattiz was the Chief Executive was the Chief Executive Officer of Podcastone. Norman is a devoted man and very passionate about the advertisement industry. Before establishing Podcastone, Norman was a consultant at Westwood one Inc an organization he founded in 1974. After the establishment of Westwood one Inc. Pattiz served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a leader who over the past years has shown positive leadership skills. Norman has been the President of Broadcast Education Association. Norman has also acted as a member and the chairman of the University of California.

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