New Leadership Already Taking Shape At Bradesco

Lazaro de Mello Brandao, 91, was the chairman of Banco Bradesco SA until October 11, 2017, when he made a personal choice to resign. His resignation came after close to 74 years at the bank. In fact, he joined the company the same year that Amado Aguiar established the bank—1943. When he was first hired to work at the little known Bradesco, Brandao was a mere clerk. However, he leaves the bank having held esteemed positions including the presidency of Bradesco between 1981 and 1999. Just before he resigned, he held the highest possible post in the corporate hierarchy of the Osasco based bank.

As the CEO and the Chairman of Bradesco, which statistics indicate is the second largest private bank in Brazil, Brandao emphasized the need for staff development especially to equip them with the necessary skills to take over leadership positions at the bank.

Although sometimes it becomes essential to poach leaders from competing firms, Brandao considered that the last option. He was a proponent of Bradesco’s junior staff rising through the ranks to become the next leaders of the $413 billion bank. Even in his retirement, Brandao’s expertise amassed over his lengthy career will not go to waste. The 91-year-old will still be in charge of Fundação Bradesco and Bradespar SA among other crucial institutions in the society.

Taking over from Brandao is none other than the bank’s CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Before Brandao resigned, reliable sources indicated that Trabuco would take over from Brandao, and the narrative has come to pass. Trabuco, 66, became the chairman of the bank in 2009. Even after assuming the chairmanship of Bradesco, Trabuco will remain the CEO of the bank until his successor assumes office in March next year.


As the CEO of Bradesco, Trabuco’s track record draws envy and admiration in equal measure. Trabuco has been the force behind some of Bradesco’s high-value transactions including the 2013’s purchase of the Brazilian branch of HSBC Holdings Plc. The bank spent a whopping $5.2 billion to acquire the firm in an inorganic growth strategy thought to have pushed the bank six years ahead of its time.

In fact, the purchase enabled the bank to outdo its main competitor, Itaú Unibanco. Not wholly but in terms of branch network, the number of account holders, and total investment funds. Also, the transaction enabled Bradesco to edge closer to Itaú Unibanco regarding assets, deposits, and loans granted.

But unlike Brandao, Trabuco deem it necessary to open up the company to fresh ideas by hiring leaders from competing firms. However, Trabuco is also keen on developing Bradesco’s employees. He the founder of the award-winning Unibrad Corporate College meant to support Bradesco’s staff and executives to grow professionally.

Trabuco began working at Bradesco in 1969. He was hired as a clerk. Like Brandao, he ascended through the ranks of Bradesco.

Trabuco is an alumnus of the University of São Paulo and Fundação School of Sociology and Politics. Over his career, Trabuco has won several awards including the recent recognition by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Best CEOs in Brazil.’’

With Brandao already replaced, who will replace Trabuco? Speculations are rife that one of Bradesco’s employees will take over from Trabuco. The professional who will be chosen will most likely have worked at Bradesco for a significant period. Obviously, he or she must be currently in charge of a crucial task at the bank. The suggested individuals include André Rodrigues Cano, Octavio de Lazari, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, Josué Augusto Pancini, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, and Mauricio Machado de Minas.

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James Larkin Labour Organizer

James Larkin an Irish worker became a labourer organizer and activist. He lived from 1847 to 1947. During this time, he was the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union in 1907. He grew up in the very poor sector of England with little education. During his childhood he worked to supplement the family income.


He was at one time a foreman at the Liverpool docks. When he was five, his parents sent him to live with his grandparents. When he returned, he worked as a dock labourer. Dedicated to workers rights he believed the workers were treated unfairly. That is why he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers.

In 1905, James Larkin became a full time trade union organizer. His strike methods rattled the NUDL and he was transferred to Dublin where he organized the union.

The organization combined all skilled and unskilled workers into one union. When he later formed the Irish Labourer Party he organized a series of strikes.

In 1913 the Dublin Lockout had over 100,000 workers on strike for over eight months. This won workers the right to fair employment practices. During World War I he staged anti-war demonstrations. He traveled to US to raise money to fight the British.

Convicted of criminal acts and communism he was jailed and pardoned eventually He was deported to Ireland. There he organized the Workers Union of Ireland and won recognition from the Communist International in 1924.

James did not drink or smoke and became involved in the temperance movement. For a period of time he took on a one man crusade against drinking among the poor dock workers. He never swore or used foul language. He eventually became a Christian Socialist.

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James Larkin

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Helping Upheld the First Amendment Rights

There are many different problems that the world is suffering at the moment, and human rights violation is one of it. There are also reports coming in from many of the underdeveloped and developed countries that the government and federal agencies are misusing their power to enforce atrocities against the people of the state. It is the reason behind the internal conflicts in many of the countries and the rise of terrorism.

People are not able to trust their government easily as the politicians only promise, but do not maintain their promises once they are elected to the power. And, while generalizing that every politician is not faithful to their work or the public would be wrong, it can be said that going by the track records, most of the politicians have such tendencies. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

One of the worrying factors in the world right now is that the cases of human rights violations have been increasing rapidly, even in the most developed countries.

The atrocities conducted by the police forces in countries like the United States have shocked the world, and one such incident was highlighted recently when two of the well-known media personalities, namely Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been fighting for the racial disparity, human rights, and migrant rights for many years and it is also one of the reasons why they were targeted by the police authority of Arizona, in particular, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio has been known in Arizona for high handedness in many of the cases and has been a controversial character in the state.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the co-owners of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. They used to report about the anomalies in the way Joe Arpaio is handling many of the civilian matters in the county, and it is what seems to have outraged the sheriff. The arrest, however, didn’t last long as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey received support from the country’s population on a massive scale and they were released within twenty-four hours.

A lengthy legal battle started after that, which was won by Larkin and Lacey. Along with getting clean chit on the matter, they were arrested for; the court also decided to give them the settlement amount of $3.75 million, which they converted into the now famous Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is used today in helping the Hispanic Community in the state of Arizona, who they believe have been suffering for long under the watch of Joe Arpaio.

Migrant rights are one of the primary matters that Jim and Michael support, but they also want to ensure that the people can exercise their first amendment rights without any interference from the state and police administration.

The freedom of speech, expression, and media is what constitutes the fabric of the democratic civilization, and needs to be upheld at all cost. It is why Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey won the legal battle against the state without any hassles.

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Igor Cornelsen Providing Strategic Investment Tips for Investment in Brazil

Investing in Brazil is considered to be one of the most lucrative decisions these days in the corporate sector as well as by the institutional investors. It is primarily because Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has been growing consistently since the past couple of decades.

Even though the last government in Brazil of Dilma Rousseff couldn’t implement some significant economic reforms that the world community was expecting and the country’s economy suffered due to it, things are streamlined now under the new government.

Igor Cornelsen is a banking expert from Brazil and has the experience of working with some of the most significant banks in the country. It has given him a good idea of how the Brazilian economy works and what needs to be done to maximize returns from the investments made in Brazil.

Igor says that the first thing that the investors should take note of is the banking system of the country and also know about the top ten banks in the country. He believes that understanding the banking system is integral to the success of the investments made in Brazil.

Any and all financial moves made by banks in Brazil should be closely followed to predict the country’s economic growth and momentum. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

Igor also mentioned that it is essential to know about the finances and the economics of the trading partner of Brazil, especially China. It is because China is the most prominent trading partner of Brazil and their economies are interlinked. So, if China is faring well economically, it would automatically spiral upon the economy of Brazil and vice versa.

Igor Cornelsen said that the new finance minister of Brazil, Joaquim Levy, is confident about speeding up the economic growth of the country and getting rid of the populist economic policies implemented by the previous government.

Igor says that the currency of Brazil is overvalued and it is a big hurdle in the manufacturing and export sector of Brazil. He hopes that the currency can realize its actual value soon so that manufacturing and export sectors can benefit from it.

Goettl Air Conditioning Holds to its Traditions in Comeback

Ken Goodrich is one of those people who found out that he could do something extremely well and he focused on that and nothing else. The particular skill that he has is to take companies that are moving towards fail mode and turn them into profitable enterprises.

That is exactly what Goodrich did when he purchased Goettle Air Conditioning in 2013. Goettl is located in Phoenix, Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada and in Southern California. Goettl was originally founded in 1932 by two Goettl brothers Gust and Adam.

According to Norcal.News, the company brought evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to the hot desert communities of Arizona and Nevada and changed the way people live in the desert communities forever. Goettl worked with generations of families during its tenure and has kept an excellent reputation for excellent customer service and fair pricing. For more details visit Crunchbase.

That changed, however in the late nineties when Goettl was purchased by a large national management company. While at first that might have seemed to make some sense, it just didn’t work. Just imagine trying to micromanage a service company in three major cities that cover two states. Customers were getting angry because customer service had become sparse and employees were frustrated because their hands were tied most of the time by upper management.

This was the situation that Goodrich had when he came aboard, and to top that he learned that there was a pending lawsuit concerning prior shady business dealings. He settled the lawsuit right away and then began to have meetings with customers and employees. After a while people began to see his vision and they bought into the concept.

Goodrich emphasized that the customers will come first, which was the exact opposite of what had been happening and the sales and profits began to turn around. Employees got excited about giving extra service courteously to customers because they knew their own future hung in the balance. Check out for more info.

According to BizJournals another key factor in the turnaround was the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California. Goettl had worked for years in the residential market and Walton’s had worked primarily in the commercial HVAC market. Combining the two disciplines together enhance both areas and created a growth that was tenfold in a very short time.

Ken Goodrich was the spark that brought the company back but he gives all the credit to the customers and the employees who had faith in his ideas and gave their time and efforts to bring it to fruition.

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Bernardo Chua Supports Grapeseed Oil

Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold, a revolutionary lifestyle company that offers coffee and various other products containing Ganoderma Lucidium.

The last ten years the highly successful businessman has focuses his attention on everyday products like coffees and teas.

His decision to do so has lead to him becoming one of the top names in multi-level marketing. Bernardo Chua can effectively be known as one of the leading individuals in The Pacific Rim. Organo Gold has been a recipient of the People’s Choice Award multiple times.

Recently the prominent businessman has publicly stated his belief of Grapeseed Oil being the next big healthy supplement. The small fruits found on vines in clusters are widely enjoyed by people all over the world. Both the fruits and seeds are healthy to consume.

Although most of us have come across a grape at least once in our lives few of us know what grapeseed oil is.

Grapeseed oil does indeed come from grapes. the liquid is extracted from whole grape seeds. Each individual grape contains three seeds. Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

The reason the extract is becoming a trendy health supplement is its richness of Procyanidolic Oligomers (PCOs). The chemical compound is an antioxidant many consider to be more potent than vitamins C and E.

The extract contains so many beneficial compounds that it can be used in a variety of different ways to treat several health conditions that affect people across the globe.

One of the major benefits of using grapeseed oil is its positive affect on the immune system. It has been known to strengthen the immune system because of its vitamin E content. Vitamin E increases white blood cell production which helps the body fight off a host of potential health threats.

Although grapeseed oil is still a relatively new supplement the fact that Bernardo Chua believes in it says enough. His company, Organo Gold, is one of the major manufacturers of the Grapeseed oil supplement.

Larkin & Lacey and Migrant Rights Advocacy

It is very unfortunate to know that most migrants around the world do not even know some of their basic rights and freedoms. Most of the migrants continue to suffer in silence and ignorance without knowing there are some laws that are meant to safeguard their rights and well-being in their host countries.

The United States is one the countries that have the highest number of migrants in the world and continues to record a high number of abuse or exploitation cases.

Although the UN has some glaring legal gaps when it comes to migrant laws, individual countries have come up with some specific laws to safeguard the interests of migrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Migrants have rights; to refuse to sign a document, to be defended by an Attorney, against unlawful arrest, and against lawful seizures and searches. The most violated rights include rights against unlawful arrests and employment rights.

There are some employers that continue to deny migrant workers minimum wage and overtime wages. In order to prevent instances of harassment, it is advisable for migrants to always carry documents that indicate their immigration status and always seek to speak to an attorney when they are arrested.

Migrant communities still enjoy the basic rights that a U.S citizen is entitled to despite the fact that they may be in the country on a temporary basis. All the key stakeholders have to come together and ensure that the rights of migrants are protected as they continue to stay in their host communities. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The relevant government agencies and the host community have to be involved in efforts to improve the welfare of migrants because the rights of migrants cannot be completely protected without their coloration and input.

Most migrants in the United States continue to struggle with a wide range of challenges such as unlawful arrests, unfavorable working conditions, constant abuse by employers, and unequal access to employment opportunities.

There are some civil rights groups that have come up in the recent years to create awareness about the rights of migrants, but their efforts are always frustrated by some government agencies and host communities.

Despite the challenges, the various advocacy groups have played a significant role in improving the welfare of migrant communities in the country.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are two Arizona based journalist and co-founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund is largely involved in promoting human rights movements across the state of Arizona with a lot of emphasis on migrant rights.

The Arizona state has a considerable number of migrants from the Hispanic communities that have over the years faced a wide range of human rights violations.

Lacey and Larkin set up the fund in 2007 using the $3.75 settlement they had received as a court settlement. The two journalists have throughout their careers been strong defenders of civil liberties and freedoms under the First Amendment.

The Frontera Fund works with other advocacy groups within Arizona to promote freedom of speech, civic participation, and basic human rights and freedoms.

The Philanthropic Work that Drives Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is our country’s U.S. Secretary of Education. Yet, what she does for our country is not merely a job for her, it is the culmination of her life’s passion. When she was still in college she first saw the power of what politics could do to change the face of education and make serious reform.




Both she and her husband, Dick DeVos, are very passionate about children getting the best education possible. One of Mrs. DeVos’s greatest passions is building an education system where children don’t have to go to a certain school simply because of where their parent’s residence happens to be. Many children, especially in urban areas, are often going to schools where advanced opportunties are unavailable. These school often contain violence and with no other options, it can alter the path of a child’s life.


Mrs. DeVos launched the Great Lakes Education Project in Michigan in response to the lack of education reform. The goal of the committee was to expand charter schools throughout Michigan and give greater access to children. The committee was very successful in just two years. Mrs. DeVos did not want to stop with her own home state and wanted to expand the project nationally.


While her goal of national reform is always on the front burner, Mrs. DeVos holds several personal charities near and dear to her heart. She and her husband work closely with Potter’s House Christian School in Michigan. For more than 30 years, Potter’s House Christian School has been providing low income families in Grand Rapids Michigan with an opportunity for their children to earn a better education.


Mrs. DeVos and her husband came upon the school in the early 1990s. They started off working with the school by granting scholarships to children with families that couldn’t afford tuition. However, the school touched their hearts and they continued to work with them to become one of the top donors of the school.


Mrs. DeVos also served on the boards of Children First of America and the American Education Reform Council during the 1990s. She and her husband worked together to pass Michigan’s first charter-school bill.



In addition to the work she does in the educational sector, Betsy DeVos also holds a variety of roles in the nonprofit sector. She serves on many boards, both nationally and her in local hometown, including the Kennedy Center’s DeVos Institute for Arts Management, the Foundation for Excellence in Education and she is also on the board for Kids Hope USA. She and her husband, Dick DeVos created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Their contributions vary vastly, but overall they are educationally focused and Betsy utilizes her role their to continue to work for education reform from a philanthropic perspective.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Good News for California Residents As Goettl Expands Its Horizons

Everyone wants to keep cool during summer and warm during winter. The best way to have the best of both worlds is by having a well-functioning air conditioning system. For those who perfect air condition is a priority for them, they will be glad to hear this news.

GlassDoor announced the acquisition of Walton Heating and Air, a family company, by Goettl Air Conditioning. Although the details of the financial deal were not disclosed, things are looking up for the two companies. The deal gives leeway for Goettl, which already has branches in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix, to venture into California. As for Walton, it can now grow past what the owner, Todd Longbrake, ever imagined.

Longbrake admits that they had done all they could to take Walton family company where they could, to a point where it stagnated and did not progress further. When Goettl first gave them their proposal, Todd was reluctant to take it. However, he quickly jumped aboard when he heard of the praises bestowed upon Ken Goodrich, Goettl’s owner.

The last details of the acquisition were completed in mid-2015. The process started in early 2015. However, they released the news two years later, stating that they first wanted to ensure that everything was running smoothly before they made the announcement. Longbrake is working at Goettl as the field supervisor and sales manager. Goodrich appreciates how quickly Longbrake was assimilated into the company. With such sentiments, there is hope for better air conditioning services all over the areas that the companies are serving.

About Goettl air conditioning company

As a leading HVAC company, Goettl has made homes comfortable for many people over the years. They are dedicated to offering their clients top notch companies in all the areas they serve. The company was founded by the Goettl brothers in 1926 in Ohio. Later, the three Bill, John, and Adam moved to Arizona to look for better opportunities during the great depression. Thus, the company grew to be an international and well renowned HVAC provider.

Goettl owner, Ken Goodrich, is passionate about what he does. From a tender age, he watched his father manage the family’s air conditioning company. When his father passed on, he was left in charge of the business. Over the years, he has managed to fix not only his father’s company but also 16 others. He has mastered the art of purchasing broke businesses and making them successful.

Fabletics Membership Model is Thriving

I have become pretty addicted to the membership model of purchasing things. Like most people I know, I am constantly busy and typically overwhelmed with work, travel and activities. I order my food from a membership model that arrives in a box each week, I even order my razors in a monthly membership model. My latest craze is Fabletics. If you haven’t heard or tried Fabletics yet, give it a whirl! Kate Hudson’s creative mind helps spearhead the brand that offers high quality athletic wear for women. The twist? The athletic wear isn’t just very good quality, but it’s absolutely adorable! The line features all the latest trends in bright colors, patterns and styles with cut outs or mesh backs that have become so popular lately. The best part? It’s really affordable. Every month you are billed, but you have the opportunity to skip as many months as you would like, and it is delivered right to your door.


It’s no wonder why Kate Hudson was so attracted to Fabletics. She started with the company when it was a small startup with limited funding. She was the first choice of the initial cofounders due to her likeable nature, passion for health and fitness, and the fact that they knew people could just envision her wearing Fabletics to the gym or out and about town. When Kate accepted, she made it very clear that she was in it for the long haul because she really believed in Fabletics. She has always been knowns as someone who values her name and won’t put it on anything she doesn’t truly believe in – whether that is as a spokesperson or about a movie project.


Her instinct to believe in Fabletics was spot on, as the company is now totally in the black and worth $250 million dollars. It has millions of members that come back monthly to get new outfits. Part of the success is due to the makeup of Fabletics – a company that knows the importance of digital. Fabletics places the majority of its time and effort maintaining its online reverse showroom, rather than focusing on building new stores and driving foot traffic. This has set it far and apart in the crowd of companies in the athletic wear space and allowed it to syphon off market share from long established brands like LuLu or the lines offered at sporting good stores, as well as digital only retailors like Amazon.