People Push Charter Schools While Betsy DeVos Suggests Struggling Schools

With Betsy DeVos’s pushing for school choice, among the things that keep coming up is a charter school. However, Betsy is not willing to jump on that bandwagon. For one thing, she understands that it takes a lot of time to start off a charter school. Meanwhile, she is able to deal with other alternatives. For instance, she is looking at some of the private schools that are just barely hanging in there. Her goal is to make sure that they are taken care of and able to serve students before she starts developing any charter schools for students to enjoy.

For people that have wondered how Betsy DeVos knows that it takes a lot of time and tools, Betsy’s husband, Dick DeVos has started a charter school. He has devoted a lot of time and resources to it. Therefore, whoever attempts to starts a charter has to be committed to it. Otherwise it is not going to work out that entire well for him or the students. Therefore, Betsy’s focus is on the different schools in safer communities that may need a little extra push. The main goal is to bring forth a lot of schools so that there is enough for students could take part in.

Another good thing about the schools that she is trying to help is that there are higher standards than the schools in poor communities. Therefore, students will not just get good grades, but they will also actually understand the lessons that are being taught to them. After all, it is important for people to actually learn the subject so that they will be able to use it in real life.

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Betsy DeVos has shown that she is very passionate about children and education. Therefore, she continues to work on ways to bring change to the educational system so that children could get the best possible education available. One of the good things about Betsy DeVos is that she challenges and encourages the education industry to look for ways that it could improve its services to the students. Some of the best educated children are going to be able to use it to their advantage.

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George Soros Continues Lifelong Fight against Dangerous Governments

America is the land of opportunity, and nobody proves this more than George Soros. You may know him as the 86-year-old billionaire financier of liberal political causes. But the story of George Soros starts many decades ago at the dawn of World War II in Budapest, Hungary.

That’s where George Soros was born in 1930. Hitler was rising to power and the Soros family was Jewish in Hungary. As Hitler started to attack surrounding countries, the father of George Soros moved quickly to secure alternative identification papers. These papers allowed the Soros family to go undetected during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Many other Hungarian Jews were not as lucky as more than 500,000 were exterminated while George was just a teenager.

This gave George Soros valuable experience in worldwide politics. He had front row seats to authoritarian rhetoric and fascism. It was then that he declared war on out of control governments, although it would take decades for him to fight back.

At the conclusion of the war, the Soros family had very little. They were able to muster up just enough money to seek asylum in London. The entire family had to pick up jobs in order to survive. George would work as a railway reporter and a waiter in order to pay his way through the prestigious London School of Economics. It is astounding that he got into such a prized school as a refugee. It is a testament to his intelligence.

After graduating, George was able to get a job at a merchant bank. Meanwhile, mainland Europe was under turmoil as the Russians claimed half the continent. Communist governments began to pop up all over Europe while George Soros watched in horror.

He would be able to whip up more than $12 million to start his own hedge fund in New York City. He became a United States immigrant, pulled himself up by his bootstraps and turned that $12 million to more than $25 billion of personal wealth. He had one outstanding day on the market where he earned the nickname the man who broke the Bank of England. He would short the British pound to make over $1 billion in a single day.

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After building his massive empire, George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

It was 1979 and communism was in full swing. His organization helped to topple communist governments while eating citizens in a transition toward democratic life.

Now he is using his money to oppose the authoritarian presidency of Donald Trump. Trump must feel uncomfortable as a man more valuable than him is fighting against him. George Soros will never stop fighting for transparency, equality and truthfulness in government no matter where the flight leads.

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An Online Research Platform Taking the Biomedical Science Field by Storm

Oncotarget has recently gained a large fan base courtesy of its free-access-to-all publication platform. In essence, oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal platform that publishes journals on a weekly basis. Fortunately, each paper can be printed on demand by the reader. As a pioneer in the field, Oncotarget aims at making scientific results much readily available to users worldwide. More importantly, the online publication platform sensitizes on the need to have consultative discussions between researchers and editors with the sole intention of promoting high-quality research.

By using Oncotarget, readers are exempted from trivial borders that inhibit efficient transformation of knowledge. Despite its highly acclaimed benefits, Oncotarget specializes on courses about biomedical science with a keen perception of promoting scientific research. With such a platform, clinical science efforts to combat diseases are significantly boosted by the presence of modern technology. Unlike other sources, the insightful leadership behind Oncotarget’s rise to prominence has gone above and beyond to eliminate any logistical challenges that might arise in the course of service delivery. Download output styles at

Oncotarget is currently accepting research articles on topics ranging from Metabolism, Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Cardiology and Endocrinology. Oncotarget’s resounding success could not have been possible without the immense contribution of skilled editors with an eye for detail and perfection. For instance, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov, editors-in-chief and members of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, have dedicated considerable time to polish submitted journals and ensure that they are at par with set standards. Several members of the elite team such as Frederick Alt, Dario Altieri, Stephen Baylin and Jiri Bartek have also played an integral role in the refinement of submitted articles for review.

An in-Depth Review of Studied Sections

Gerotarget: Also known as aging, this field focuses on aging-related research including pharmacological and dietary anti-aging modalities, genetics, metabolic syndrome and hypertension.

Pathology beyond oncology: This section lays adequate emphasis on pathology journals with a special interest in areas such as higher impact factor and ultra-rapid publication. Articles can only be submitted to the public after five days of intense evaluation.

Immunology and Microbiology: Under this section, a critical emphasis is placed on primary areas of research such immune cell development, gene regulation, microbiology and immunotherapy. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Igor Cornelsen: Investing in Brazil Can Be Successful For Everybody

It’s no secret that Brazil’s economy has had its ups and downs recently. Despite poor leadership, Brazil is recovering on In its vulnerable state, this is the best time for new investors to “get in on the ground floor.” Whenever investors are looking for Brazilian investment advice, they turn to Igor Cornelsen.

Mr. Cornelsen was one of the top advisors in all of Brazil. He spent his professional career working in the banking industry. He knows the Brazilian market like the back of his hand. In 2010, he retired and began spending his days playing golf and focusing on other hobbies.

Of course, someone who’s spent that much time around investing cannot simply stop investing. He does still invest from time to time but only as a hobby. The one key piece of advice he offers those seeking his knowledge is to find a trustworthy investment firm. Igor Cornelsen uses Bainbridge for all of his personal investments.

One of the current problems surround Brazil’s economic troubles is that private sector banks are only lending to the most worthy borrowers at That means that the top ten banks, the 10 major powerhouses of Brazil, are really participating on a small scale.

Hopefully, the new finance minister will turn things around. The previous minister, Guido Mantega, completely failed to boost the economy like promised. Joaquim Levy, the new finance minister, promises to introduce more strategic policies. His views on the economy contrast the views of President Dilma Roussef.

Igor Cornelsen also advises that new investors pay attention to China. China is both Brazil’s largest trading partner and biggest competitor. The two countries’ economies are linked. If it’s a good year in China then it’s a good year in Brazil. At the same time, China could overtake Brazil when it comes to supplying goods to the rest of Latin America.

Investors also need to be aware of the real value of the Brazilian real on For many years, the Brazilian real has been overvalued. Having an overvalued currency has resulted in a loss of economic competitiveness.

Arthur Becker of Madison Partners Buys Trio Townhouses in New York

Arthur Becker, a managing member of Madison Partners, LLC, acquired three adjacent townhouses in August last year. The 6,500 square feet townhouses are in New York City along Sullivan Street in Soho. If the data provided by Real Capital Analytics is anything to go by, then Becker had to part with not less than $20 million for the acquisition, in terms of preferred equity and mortgage in a neighboring condominium. The three houses were developed by Madison Equities in collaboration with Property Markets Group but were incomplete at the time of purchase. Speaking afterward, Becker revealed on that he would live in one of the houses. As for the other two, he would decide whether to sell or lease them out.

Prior to this acquisition, Arthur Becker was living in a three-bedroom apartment at Union Sq. West. He was paying a cool $30,000 per month for the apartment. The luxury in the apartment was described by to be out of this world: a gas fireplace, 50-foot lap pool, yoga studio, and a modern fitness center. To complement all these were two windows that gave him a breathtaking view of Union Square. Previously, he lived in a $23 million apartment at 740 Park Avenue in New York.

About Arthur Becker’s Career

Arthur Becker’s career can be dated back to 1988 when he was hired by Bear Stearns, Inc. in 1991, he contested and won the chairmanship of the board of directors at ProGroup, Inc., a position he held until the company was sold in 1994. He then went on to establish two companies: Advance Partners, LLC and Bnox, Inc. Fast forward to 2001; Becker founded Atlantic Investors where he served as CEO. The company later acquired NaviSite and two other technology companies within two years. By the time he sold the company to Time Warner in 2001, he had led NaviSite to acquiring more than ten companies both locally and overseas.

After selling NaviSite, Becker decided to try his hands on real estate development in New York and Miami. He has since been investing in condominiums through Madison Partners, LLC. From 2012, Becker served as the chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC for three years. Zinio is a digital magazine distributor that operates in 45 countries.

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The Copa Star Combines Luxury And Medical Care

When many people think about the medical industry, there are a few main thoughts that come to mind almost instantly. One of these thoughts usually concerns a hospital. While there are many aspects to the medical industry, the hospital is an aspect that many people are familiar with for a variety of reasons. For most people, there is some kind of memory of a hospital in their lives. Either they have been in a hospital as a patient or as a visitor. The need for a hospital eventually comes into the life of all people.

Although the hospital is one of the most well known aspects of the medical industry, many people do not understand the complexity of the hospital. While the hospital is a medical facility, the hospital is a business. This is one of the most complex aspects of the hospital. Taking medical care and the lives of patients but looking at all of it in terms of business is challenging to even the best professionals.

Over the years, the hospital has remained the same in many ways. The look of the hospital and even the smell of the hospital is something that people could recognize from a hospital 20 years ago or 50 years ago. Very little as far as the hospital changes. There are numerous reasons for this tradition in the hospital.

One of the main reasons is that the people in charge of hospitals have traditionally been the same type of professionals. Most have been professionals with medical backgrounds that came up through the ranks of the hospital. Most were trained in the same manner from one generation to the next. This helped to bring a consistency to the hospital. However, it also made it where business operations in hospitals stayed the same.

In recent years, there have been some changes in the type of people who have become executives in hospitals with the ultimate responsibility of running hospitals. A significant number of these professionals do not have a medical background. Many have business backgrounds. This difference has made a huge impact on how hospitals are ran.

The Copa Star is a hospital in Brazil that has owners and builders that are business people. Their thought process is about making the Copa Star the best hospital in Brazil. As a result, the owners of the Copa Star built the hospital in a way that they thought would make the hospital accomplish all the goals set by the owners. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

Patients and visitors to the Copa Star will immediately notice that the hospital is far from the traditional look of hospitals. The Copa Star looks more like a luxury hotel than a traditional hospital. The Copa Star makes people feel like they are driving up to a five star hotel. From approaching to exiting, the Copa Star is about first class service in all ways.

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Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory Achieve Success

The use of the Internet by companies regarding business operations changed the way the business world operates on a daily basis. The use of the Internet allows companies to enter a digital world where there are no physical or time boundaries. People from any location or time zone can visit company websites to make purchases or do various other tasks that once were confined to physically going to a company location.


The Internet has provided companies with a variety of options related to handling customers. Websites and other online resources give companies the opportunity to attract the attention of customers either in brick and mortar locations or online. Many people go online on a regular basis. Therefore, numerous companies use online advertising as well as offline advertising for marketing purposes.


While tasks such as advertising are needed concerning digital business operations as well as brick and mortar operations, there are differences between the operations that must be addressed in how companies complete various business related operational tasks concerning digital and physical company locations.


One of the ways that the business world has changed is the move by many entrepreneurs to start companies focused solely or almost entirely on digital business operations. The move towards starting digital companies has various reasons. One of the reasons concerns the thought that it is easier to start digital companies.


There is less involved in starting digital companies in comparison to a brick and mortar company, but that does not mean that it is simpler. Starting a digital company is complex in ways that brick and mortar companies do not have to contend with regarding operations.


A company that is helping many digital entrepreneurs regarding starting digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. This company provides an array of services and products that are aimed at helping business people start digital companies. One of the partners of the Swiss Startup Factory is Mike Baur.


As a partner, Mike Baur provides a wide range of help to the Swiss Startup Factory. He helps with developing and conducting training programs, mentorship programs, and consulting services that help digital entrepreneurs learn how to successfully start and operate digital companies.


Mike Baur is a successful businessman who has accomplished a lot over his 20 plus year professional career. Mike Baur brings a wealth of experience to the Swiss Startup Factory from his years of experience in areas such as private banking.


WEN By Chaz: Botanical Hair Magic Instead Of Nasty Sulfates

Consider ginger and lotus flower or grapeseed oil and cucumber fruit extract. Natural ingredients like these nourishing examples are present throughout every product from the WEN By Chaz hair care line.

Maybe you already know about Chaz Dean’s amazing cleansing conditioners that leave out the damaging chemicals found in other brands. According to, his revolutionary system does not use lather shampoo but instead relies on the science of nature and how hair follicles respond.

Sulfates and other chemicals are often responsible for the big lathers found in many hair care labels. Too bad these sudsy foams are just that, along with hidden chemicals that strip your hair strands from root to end.

The iconic celebrity stylist found another way to cleanse and condition the hair without a shampoo lather. His carefully prepared formulas bathe the tresses in hydrating and strength-building, rich treatments. Your locks will transform after just one wash.

The WEN By Chaz line also includes incredible hair products like the popular styling line. These fragrant treatments feature heat protectant styling cremes, texture balm for that sexy, disheveled hair look, plant-based mousses that unleash big, voluminous locks and finishing treatment creme that seals your style with a fine matte look.

The WEN hair brand also offers luxurious hydrating hair masks that breathe life into limp, dull locks. In addition, WEN By Chaz treatment oils also replenish moisture and can be applied between WEN cleansings. The products can be found on high end stores which includes Sephora.

Every product from WEN By Chaz represents natural, clean hair care treatments and formulas. Each one smells heavenly and combines the most effective natural ingredients that add elasticity and shine to one’s crowning glory. The products have been designed for the most sensitive scalps and feature gluten-free blends. No matter what type of hair texture you have or condition your locks are presently in, your tresses will benefit.

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Changing the Entertainment World- Norman Pattiz

The Chairman, Founder, and the Executive Director of Podcastone Norman Pattiz, recently announced their new project Beyond the Darkness. Podcastone is among the leading and one of the largest advertising companies in the United States of America that are fully supported by the Podcast networks. Chris Jericho has a Podcast Network, and Beyond the Darkness is his new show ion the Network which is under Podcastone project. The show will feature entertainment conversations with prominent world researchers, and experimenters as they teach the world on monster, aliens, demons, mysteries, angles, as well as miracles.

The famous show will be hosted by two famous media personalities who are Dave Schrader who is an author, and a radio presenter, and Tim Denis who is a radio producer and radio host. The new show which will be released every Monday can be viewed on Itunes, and Podcast app. According to the statement said by the founder of Podcast Networks Norman Pattiz, the advertisement com[nay choose Chris for his great character which has distinguished himself as a Podcast attraction. Norman also mentioned that when Chris Jericho created his Jericho Network Collection, it was sure that the project will go beyond wrestling. Mr. Pattiz is confident and trust that Chris Jericho will take Podcast to a higher level with Beyond the Darkness.

Chris Jericho was very pleased and mentioned that he was humbled to take Beyond the Darkness and it into his Network. Chris did not forget to express his joy of working with the two presenters who he trusts will bring with them a significant fan base, who believe them and also will trust the subject of their discussion in the show. Chris Jericho is sure that the show Beyond the Darkness will grow.

Norman Pattiz is the founder and the Executive Chairman of Podcastone. Mr. Norman became the Executive Chairman of the organization on June 23rd, 2016. Before becoming the Executive Chairman of the Firm, Pattiz was the Chief Executive was the Chief Executive Officer of Podcastone. Norman is a devoted man and very passionate about the advertisement industry. Before establishing Podcastone, Norman was a consultant at Westwood one Inc an organization he founded in 1974. After the establishment of Westwood one Inc. Pattiz served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a leader who over the past years has shown positive leadership skills. Norman has been the President of Broadcast Education Association. Norman has also acted as a member and the chairman of the University of California. Norman Pattiz has an extensive experience in the entertainment and media sector.

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